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The staff is “Sweet. Warm. Caring. Compassionate.”

“Thank you so much for caring for my brother. You are an angel that was dropped in my hands. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Now, he’s alert, healthy, safe and has more interest in life. He’s a different person. I’m thrilled!”

“Thank you for caring so much for my friend. I’m glad to have you there to care for her.”

“Staff is very well-trained, friendly, very attentive and calm. Very engaging. Staff are personally trained and well-supervised. They make sure things are well taken care of.
They have reasonable prices, with a level of dedication not found other places. I know of one case where they got up at 5:00 and drove out to give someone a special treatment.
They do everything they can to make sure that client needs are met. Families can get ahold of them whenever they need too. They are very responsive. I have recommended them to families. They have been satisfied.”
Charles (healthcare placement service)

“Words can’t describe how much we appreciate what you and your staff did for my dad. You were there for him when he couldn’t do all of the things that we all take for granted like eating, bathing, brushing his teeth, getting dressed and even help with getting up and ready for a day out in his wheelchair to go to the movies. I know for a fact that if he wasn’t in your care that he wouldn’t have lasted a week anywhere else. Going into this you took on the challenge and remained optimistic about his chances to live a somewhat normal life when everyone else completely gave up on him. Some doctors said that, “He’s in final stages and should consider hospice,” but you understood how he felt about going to hospice and wanted to give him a fighting chance. Despite an incredible effort on his part and with the help of you and your staff we knew that not even the strongest fighter can hang on forever. Thank you for providing his wonderful compassionate care and giving us an opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. We will never forget that and we’ll always be grateful for what you and your staff did for him. My family and I love you all!”

“I’d fallen (at home) and couldn’t get up. So they took me to the hospital. They found out that my legs wouldn’t work anymore. So that’s what I’m doing – recuperating. No falling.
The staff are very, very nice. I can’t praise them enough. They’ve been helping me and giving me the ins and outs of how to get around. They’re teaching me how to get from my wheelchair to the commode and onto my bed without getting hurt. I do not want to kiss the floor. I’ve kissed my floor several times. My husband was getting tired of picking me up. Now, I can get on the bed, get off the bed, get to a standing position, all without falling. I’ve learned what to look for, how to do it. Now when I’m tired I just don’t do it. I’m so grateful!”

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